The BridgeTech NBI Query Engine is used to query the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) database and provide a list of bridges as well as display their locations on a map.  The NBI Query Engine is current with the 2019 NBI bridge database.

Several parameters may be used to query for the list of bridge, which include:

  • State
  • Material Type
  • Structure Length (minimum and maximum)
  • Structure Adequacy

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NBI Query Engine was developed by BridgeTech, Inc.


BridgeTech, Inc. assume no liability or responsibility for and make no representations or warranties as to applicability or suitability of this application. Anyone making use thereof or relying thereon assumes all responsibility and liability arising from such use or reliance. This software is a tool for querying the NBI Database. The engineer using this software is responsible for verification of the reasonableness of the results produced by NBI Query Engine.