Solutis is an object-oriented framework for carrying out finite element analyses. The software is modular in nature, allowing it to easily accommodate different analysis types, constraint handlers, and solution algorithms. Solutis has the capability to perform non-linear analyses, supporting both material and geometrically non-linear elements, within its library of 2D and 3D elements. The framework is written in standard C++ and can be compiled on various platforms.

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Solutis was developed by BridgeTech, Inc.

  • FE Engine written by Matthew D. Peavy, PhD, PE
  • Web interface written by Matthew D. Peavy, PhD, PE


BridgeTech, Inc. assume no liability or responsibility for and make no representations or warranties as to applicability or suitability of this application. Anyone making use thereof or relying thereon assumes all responsibility and liability arising from such use or reliance. This software is a tool for the analysis of structures. The engineer using this software is responsible for verification of the reasonableness of the results produced by Solutis.